Mom Bun Craze

Facebook has been blowing up the last two weeks with a new trend, The Messy Bun Beanie. They are all over the place, and everyone wants a piece of the action.

At first I was not going to jump on the trend train, but a friend asked me if it was something I would be able to create. It’s hard to say no when a friend is looking for something.

Normally I do not like hats, I hate when my hair gets in my ears, but these little beauties are great. You can pull your hair up in a ponytail, or bun, slip on the hat and go. With the bitterly cold winds anything that can keep the top of your head warm and comfortable is a great addition.

These little hats can be customized as well. I have done plain ones, and some with ruffles, but you can add anything to them. I’ve seen flowers and buttons, and wouldn’t be surprised to start seeing character hats with a little hole on top for that mom hair day.

What do you think of the new trends? Do you follow along, or just try to wait it out? Would you be caught in one of these hats? Or do you prefer the regular styles of days gone by?



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