After A Hiatus

I have not been good about posting on my blogs. I need to get better so that you kind followers can be kept up to date with all of the things going on in my crafting world.

I have set myself a goal of completing at least 1 Feel Better Friend doll each month to go to a child with a medical condition that might need a special friend. (check them out at And so far I am on track (and working on my 3rd doll this year so a little bit ahead of the game).

I am also working on expanding my crafts beyond yarn art. Right now I focus on mostly crochet items, but as I am in a much larger space and have access to a better sewing machine and more natural lighting I am going to broaden my horizons. I am also starting to work on some decorative painted rocks, and I think I have perfected the sealing technique that makes them at least a little water proof. Eventually I want to also start offering some original paintings, so something to look forward  to this year.

Finally I am working on creating a dedicated craft space that will allow me to have a modest store front, and some small class spaces so that I can teach basic crochet skills to the next generation. This has been a long term dream of mine, and with hard work (and maybe a little luck) I can realize this goal sometime this summer or late fall before the fair season starts.

That’s about all on my end for this Friday, I hope each one of you has a great weekend and I’ll see you next week.


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