Exciting News

So I haven’t been posting like I should (or even as much as I wanted to), but I am doing my best to change that. So here is a quick update on things in my little corner of the craft world.

1. I moved (again)! This time is going to be permanent. We are purchasing this home and it is great for my family and my crafting. We have tons more space and as we get things settled I am going to branch out into having some fiber animals so I can spin my own yarns. Yay super excited.

2. I am working with my favorite librarian to start offering a monthly (maybe more often if there is interest) craft group/workshop. How much more fun is it to craft with other people? And I will have the opportunity to share my knowledge with others a win win in my book.

3. I recently acquired an embroidery machine and I’m working on expanding into some more sewn items, especially for dolls.

That’s about it for now. Keep an eye out over the next couple of days and I’ll have some new pictures to post.


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