Getting ready for Easter

Easter is quickly approaching and I am in a mad rush to get things done. I have been planning out some small quick to make items to sell when I can set up a small road side stand and of course we have family coming into town that week so that makes things even more hectic.

So my plans for this holiday are pretty simple. I am working on some bags in various styles, including fish, mermaids, and sharks (I love sharks), for kids to use in place of baskets (who needs a single use item when you can get multiple uses out of it). I also have some bookmarks coming up and a set of topsy turvey dolls (two dolls in one). I might also work up some egg cozies for those parents that just don’t want to deal with dying eggs this year.

As far as my own Easter plans, I don’t really have any. My child is getting older and it just doesn’t have the draw for her anymore. With family being here there is no telling what we will actually end up doing, but I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated as much as possible.



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