Fresh Tomato Day?

So in an effort to post more often I decided to look up if today had a weird holiday associated with it. And guess what? It does, but not just one there are several. SO in an effort to enlighten and entertain you here are some of the holidays listed on

  1. Army Day – Today is a day to remember those men and women, and the blood they spilled, who fought to keep our country free (for those of you in America). Take a minute today to pay your respects to a veteran or someone in active duty.
  2. Fresh Tomato Day –  Ok this one is my jam. I LOVE tomatoes. It doesn’t how you serve them. Sliced, diced, or boiled with bread and sugar, I can eat them all day long. In an effort to support this holiday I will be working up a tomato themed plushie later tonight. Keep an eye out this weekend for some pictures and updates.
  3.  National Hostess Twinkie Day – Who else like twinkies? My favorite is a chocolate covered one that I used to get in California, only back then we called them chocodilles. (get it) They recently started selling these treasures again, but they are now just plain old chocolate twinkies. I think I might need to find me some later.

So do you have any special things going on in your life today?

Besides these little known treasures I am also working on my stock for an upcoming art walk. (Send good vibes that I can get a table!!!) And I am on the waiting list for our local farmer’s market. The 4th Saturday of this month will also be my second craft group/crochet class. I am extremely excited for all of the steps that I have taken to start my business and I thank you all for your continued support.

Oh and before I go, did you know that April is Camp NaNoWriMo? Are you a writer? Did you participate in NaNoWriMo in November and want to edit that story? Or are you just curious what this is all about? Well check out or for more info.

As a side note I am not being paid in anyway to mention the above websites, these are just things that I found on my own and wanted to share with you. Nothing in these posts is meant to be used as health or legal advice.


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